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Barton, Mary Mary.Barton at unt.edu
Mon Dec 5 14:03:33 CST 2016

Hi TAIR members,

This is a reminder that the deadline for submitting visual information displays for this year's Outstanding Professional Practice Award is coming up on December 15th. Submissions may include an infographic table, chart, illustration, Power Point slide or some other means of visually representing data or information that helps connect data with decision-making in a visually appealing way.

To be considered for the 2017 Outstanding Professional Practice Award recognizing the best display of visual information, submissions must include the following:
*Name, title, and institution of person submitting item for consideration
*Context for the display:
*limit of 250 words
*briefly describe for what purpose the display was created
*who is the intended audience
*how the display was used in decision-making and any other pertinent information
*PDF of visual display or link to display's web page

In order to be eligible for consideration, the visual display's creator must be a member of TAIR at the time of submission. If more than one person is credited with creation of the visual display, at least one of the creators must be a TAIR member.

Please send your submissions by email to me at mary.barton at unt.edu<mailto:mary.barton at unt.edu>.  The winner will be announced at the conference in Houston.

See you at the conference,

Mary Barton
TAIR, Immediate Past President

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